[SANOG] SANOG29: Feedback on ICANN presentation

Donald Clark dsc at google.com
Mon Jan 23 09:56:20 UTC 2017

Dear SANOG team

Some feedback on the ICANN presentation at this SANOG - offered in an open
manner of driving general SANOG event improvement.

First - it's v important that ICANN is at these events, and supports them
with its presence, and in other ways. And the ICANN people are universally

I did feel that the content and visuals of Champ's presentation today could
have had more impact on the local audience in attendance - and thus ICANN's
work. How?

- fewer words, more slowly spoken: with many intermediate or lower English
language skills in the audience, it might be optimal to try to cover less
information and do so with more simple, slower language
- framing: starting off by answering the implicit question "who are ICANN?"
"why do we matter to you, the Internet community in Pakistan" (local
language TLDs, resources, policies," and then maybe "we do lots of things -
here are 4 things that I'm going to talk on"...
- visuals: the visuals that worked well were those with very few words, a
few, large colored blocks, eg the UA section. The ones that didn;'t work at
all seemed to have schematics/ eng diagrams on them or massively complex
graphics. I was in the front row and couldn't ready them :-/ (poor  local
- focus: (repeating a bit here) -- fewer topics, more slowly explained,
made relevant to the local audience - ---- and then a list of all the other
things ICANN is involved with to explore more.

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