[SANOG] Dark Fiber providers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo metro areas

Yan Filyurin yanf787 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 19 14:42:48 UTC 2012

Dear all.  I am new to the group and we lease a lot of dark fiber from various providers in US and we are researching to deploy similar solutions in the above metro to support some of our Data Center to Data Center traffic.  We have space in some of the bigger colo areas and some of the major buildings (more information can be provided offline) and I was wondering if you know anyone who provides these type of services where we can buy or lease dark fiber.  And if you are in that business certainly contact me offline.  Also f you are able to offer 10G, 40G or even 100G services, especially with the ability for us to be alien waved, I would love to know that too, as this is our intent.  We would look to build our own WDM or Packet Optical metro cores in these cities and gathering information.  

Thank you!

Yan Filyurin
HP Enterprise Services
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