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This year I hope we have avoided a clash with SANOG so perhaps some 
folks outside of Oz might be interested in presenting at AusNOG in 


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Subject: AusNOG 2012 Call For Presentations
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 20:25:30 +0930
From: Matthew Moyle-Croft <mmc at mmc.com.au>
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Call for presentations for AusNOG 2012

   Langham Hotel
   6 & 7 September, 2012


The AusNOG organisers have decided to change the name of the
conference to reflect the year instead of the number of the event.  So
this year's conference is going to be known as AusNOG 2012.  It's
hoped this will remove some confusion.

AusNOG 2012 is being held in Melbourne for the first time.  The organisers
encourage Melbourne based network operators, especially those that have
not previously attended an AusNOG, will take advantage of this opportunity
to not only attend the meeting but also present!


Internet operations can be a broad topic and the presentation selection
committee will be short-listing presentations in the following focus areas:

* Improving the redundancy/resiliency/sustainability of your network
* Making leaps in service or network availability
* Taking the network operations BCP to the next level
* Using 'offline' communications tools to keep the network working
* How technology is changing network architectures
* Evolution in network architectures and scaling issues

Other topics which are of interest to the network operator community are
also welcome at AusNOG 2012. Naturally, presentations of a marketing
nature are not welcome at this technical event.

Notes to presenters

Preference will be given to presentations that result in actual operational

Session speakers should be prepared to present for 30 minutes. Keynote
speakers will be expected to present for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Short
presentations of strong operational content are also acceptable.

Once the final slides are submitted, changes will only be permitted where
the presentation requires the most up to date information or data.

By submitting a presentation for consideration in the AusNOG 2012 
and if selected the presenter will allow AusNOG to:

   * Take photographs of the presentation and presenter.
   * Record and rebroadcast video and audio of the presentation and
   * Redistribute, the presentation slides, audio, video, and photographs
      electronically, on the AusNOG website, or otherwise but leaving 
      intellectual property in the hands of presenter or rightful
      property holder where possible[1].


01 June: Submission of presentation title, presentation description (300
          words), and presenter biography (200-400 words)

15 July: Presenters notified of their acceptance status as an AusNOG 2012

August 29: Submission of final presentation slides as Portable Document
            Format (pdf), PowerPoint, or Keynote. Provision of a recent 

            digital photograph (<500k) of the presenter.

All submissions must be sent to organisers at ausnog.net.

A separate call for lightning talks will be made closer to the AusNOG 
2012 event

[1]: AusNOG accepts that some speakers are unable to allow us to archive
their presentation due to company or corporate policy, and if the situation
arises AusNOG will delete all copies in its possession after the 

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