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India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc <https://www.iiesoc.in/>) &
Industry Network Technology Council (INTC <https://industrynetcouncil.org/>)
has received a grant
 from ISIF Asia <https://isif.asia/about-isif-asia/> to assist enterprises
in the Asia/Pacific region with IPv6 deployment.

To that end, one important part is training on IPv6. The IPv6 webinar
schedule is out.  We will have a hands-on lab portion the week following
the conceptual webinars. These classes are extremely useful for anyone
planning to deploy IPv6 at enterprises/university or just interested to
learn about IPv6.

Click HERE <https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/916570897222768655> to
register.  (You only need to register once to attend any or all sessions).

   - Introduction to IPv6 : Feb 4, 2021
   - Lab: IPv6 basics : Feb 11, 2021
   - Neighbor Discovery: March 4, 2021
   - Lab: Neighbor Discovery: March 18, 2021
   - IPv6 Address Planning: April 8, 2021
   - Lab: IPv6 Address Planning: April 15, 2021
   - IPv6 Transition Mechanisms: May 6, 2021
   - Lab: IPv6 Transition Mechanisms: May 13, 2021
   - DHCPv6: June 3, 2021
   - Lab: DHCPv6: June 10, 2021
   - IPv6 and Cloud: June 17, 2021
   - Lab: IPv6 and Cloud: June 24, 2021
   - Introduction to IPv6 Security July 8, 2021


Our Trainer - Nalini Elkins <http://insidethestack.com/about_us/nalini>

Nalini Elkins is the President of the Industry Network Technology Council.  She
is also the CEO and Founder of Inside Products, Inc.  Nalini is a
recognized leader in the field of computer performance measurement and
analysis. She has been the founder or co-founder of three start-ups in the
high-tech arena.

Nalini started her career doing network design and monitoring for the
Chevron network.  She specializes in network performance analysis,
measurement, monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting of large enterprise
networks.  One of her specialties is training and network design for IPv6
migration for large enterprises.  Many of the Fortune 1000 level companies,
as well as the large US government organizations, have taken her classes on
various networking topics.

She has developed network monitoring and diagnostic products which were
later marketed by IBM and other software companies.   She received the A.A.
Michelson Award from the Computer Measurement Group for her contributions
to the field.   Nalini is on the Advisory Board of the India Internet
Engineering Society (IIESoc).


Find the details of webinars HERE <https://www.iiesoc.in/ipv6-webinars>.
The first webinar in the series is the* "Introduction to IPv6"* on Feb 4,
2021, at 21:30 - 22:30 IST.

Details: To be successful in implementing and understanding IPv6 networks,
you need to first understand the IPv6 address methodology which is, in many
ways, a fundamental change from the IPv4 paradigm. In this introduction,
you will become familiar with what is different as well as what is the same
with IPv6.

• Public and private addresses
• IPv6 Prefixes
• IPv6 Address Structure
• IPv6 Interface ID
• IPv6 Addressing and Address Allocation Methods (stateless, stateful)
• Address types, unicast, multicast, anycast
• Address categories: global, site-local, link-local
• Unique Local Unicast addresses
• Zero compression
• Special addresses (loopback, unspecified, IPv4 mapped IPv6)
• Broadcast address elimination

 This webinar will be followed by a hands-on lab to illustrate the concepts
shown.  You do not need any equipment to participate.  We will send full
instructions so that if you wish, you may do the same commands/exercises
but this is entirely optional.


We hope you will grab this opportunity and do publicize this within your
circles so that more folks can benefit from it.

Dhruv, President, IIESoc
Nalini, President, INTC
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