[SANOG] Looking for a Network Engineer in India for online/remote role

Netops Online netopsau at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 17:33:49 UTC 2018

Hi all,

We are looking for a Network Engineer or two based in *India*, who is
interested in working from *home* for a network operator based in ASIA
Pacific region, but with operations globally.

We *need* the following experience:

*The Vendors*
- Cisco
     - IOS, NX-OS, XR, XE
     - Catalyst 3k, 4k, 7000 Series Routers, ISRs, ASR1k, ASR9k, Nexus
- Juniper
     - Junos on MX, SRX, EX
     - MX Platform, EX Switches, SRX Firewalls/CPEs
- Linux
     Debian - for Cumulus Linux, Centos/Redhat

*The Skills*
- VXLAN and Underlay/Overlay Network Design
- Firewall experience (Juniper SRX)
- Other minor vendors as needed: DellOS, HP ProCurve, Ubiquiti EdgeOS,

*The Person*
- IT Community Orientated - participating in Forums, etc.
- Self Managed
- Accountable
- Trustworthy and Reliable
- Understand Western ways
- Has a stable and suitable home environment
- Has their own computer, preferably a laptop, but we can supply if needed
- You must be dedicated employed (working ONLY for us during work hours)

We don't actually care about certifications, we care about skills and
wisdom. Yes, you heard it right here, but your skills need to be good.

If you have certification, that is fine, but they better be real. We will
test you and any hint that you don't deserve your certification will
immediately make you ineligible.


We have multiple mixed vendor networks located around the world and you
would be part of a small global online team that collaborates in Slack,
Skype, Telegram and other online tools and works together.

You need to have *VERY* good written english to talk to other staff, and
clients via online tools such as Slack, etc. There is minimal requirement
for voice communications with clients, but sometimes with senior management.

If you work from home, you need to have a GOOD, stable internet connection
that has UPS (not affected by power outages).

You will be working in the *+7 to +11 time zones* (sometimes others)  which
is 2-6 hours ahead of India (+5.30).  So ideally your hours would be *5.30am
till 2.30pm*, but for the right person I am willing to look at time
shifting that a bit.


The primary duties are operations on multi-vendor ISP-like
networks/enterprise networks, doing operational changes, supporting
customers, building solutions, documentation, etc.

Any programming/scripting skills will be most welcome as would automation
scripting such as Ansible, Puppet, etc.

Your Linux skills *MUST* be good. If they are not, sorry, learn more and
apply again next time. Also skills with Quagga, FRR, etc. would be welcome.

Initially we're looking for someone *part-time* - 20-30 hours per week, or
perhaps more depending on the salary expectations and availability.  If we
like you it may lead to full-time very quickly.

There is the *possibility* of travel to do installs and builds in the Asian

Send your details, and an introduction email telling us:
- About you
- Areas of tech you most enjoy
- What you want to be working on in the next 2-5 years (be honest please)
- Other areas of technology you find interesting
- What you think is better, Junos or Cisco IOS, and why
- What is the most interesting project you've worked on?
- Salary Expectation
- Why you think you will succeed in this role.

Please send that email to us on *netopsau at gmail.com <netopsau at gmail.com>* with
your LinkedIn profile link. We're not interested in resumes, just your
LinkedIn profile.  If you do not have one, create one.

Hope to hear from good candidates soon.

PS: Please do NOT contact us if you do not have the minimum requirements
mentioned above or if you represent a recruitment specialist or company,
etc. I do not appreciate people wasting our time, so apply only if you are

Network Operations Online
netopsau at gmail.com
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