[SANOG] 10 million concurrent viewers...

Barry Raveendran Greene bgreene at senki.org
Fri Jun 15 21:04:07 UTC 2018

> On Jun 15, 2018, at 13:11, Anurag Bhatia <me at anuragbhatia.com> wrote:
> Just came across this slightly (20 days) old article. 10 million views seems a lot. Was wondering what operators in the region saw? 
> Does anyone remember traffic patterns that day? 
> Anything interesting to share? 

Would be interesting in the same (wearing my Akamai hat). The numbers are going to increase. Given that Akamai was one of the facilitation partners, I would be interesting in anyone seeking to optimize their Akamai peering (checklist to get the mazimum benefit).

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