[SANOG] RFCs we love Meetup, 4th Edition, Bangalore - Sep 9th 2017

Vinayak Hegde vinayakh at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 08:10:58 UTC 2017

Hi all,

We are having the 4th meetup of RFCs We Love in Bangalore on Sep 9th
2017 (upcoming Saturday). The Venus is Christ College, Hosur Road,

For those who have not heard of RFCs We Love, it is an event where we
pick RFCs that we like and/or have implemented and discuss the various
aspects of it. The audience consists of network operator, protocol
implementers and academics.

In the upcoming meetup we have the following agenda:
1.    Introduction to IIESoc by Dhruv Dhody
2.   RFC6455: The WebSocket Protocol by Vipul Mathur
3.    Updates from IETF 99 by Vinayak Hegde
4.    RFC6202: Best Practices for the Use of Long Polling and
Streaming in Bidirectional HTTP by Vipul Mathur
5.   Discussion on Connections - Pre-IETF Event by Dhruv Dhody

Please RSVP here


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