[SANOG] Looking for a network engineer/admin internship - 6 month

Maël Kervella sanog at maelkervella.eu
Thu Dec 14 23:07:28 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm a French student at CentraleSupélec school
(http://www.centralesupelec.fr/en). I'm currently doing a gap year
before starting my last student year (master's degree) in IT security
and I've nearly finished the first 6 months of this gap year as a
software developer on the VLC media player. I'm now looking for a
6-month internship abroad (thus out of France) during the first semester
of 2018. I'm free from mid-january to end of august 2018 and willing to
improve my skills as a network manager and/or network security so I'm
asking here if anyone has an internship as Network Engineer or Network
Admin available for that period.

I've been invested in IT and new technologies for around a decade and I
really got involved into networks management when I took in charge my
school's campus network (200+ users). That gave me the opportunity to
learn a lot about the technologies involved from Linux systems, to
routing equipment, from OSI layers to various protocols while dealing
with daily maintenance of the systems and users problems.

I fluently speaks French and English and know basics of Spanish too. I'm
open for jobs at any location.

For more about my profile and my projects or any question, feel free to
check out my web site at https://www.maelkervella.eu or contact me off
the list at mk at maelkervella.eu.

Maël Kervella
web : www.maelkervella.eu
email : mk at maelkervella.eu
tel : +33634983646
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