[SANOG] Prayers for Nepal

Santanu Dasgupta (sadasgup) sadasgup at cisco.com
Sat Apr 25 12:08:34 UTC 2015

This is an unimaginable disaster. May the departed souls rest in peace and
will pray for those who are injured or affected today. The everest
climbing region is badly impacted too at the south face, and this being a
climbing season, lets pray for the safety of our sherpa brothers and
climber friends too.

Definitely a very sad day.


On 25/4/15, 6:28 PM, "Tshering NORBU" <tshering.norbu at bt.bt> wrote:

>Dear Friends in Nepal,
>I do hope everyone is fine there. My prayers go out to everyone affected
>by earthquake and for Nepal.
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