[SANOG] How to get off the Bogon IP list or get an incorrectly advertised BGP announcement fixed

Leo Vegoda leo.vegoda at icann.org
Mon Feb 17 19:28:33 UTC 2014

Hi Anurag,

Anurag Bhatia wrote:


> Btw this brings to me to slightly unrelated issues of wrong RADB 
> entries for all such prefixes. The ISP which I represent has some 
> prefix with RADB entries from ISP which (I guess) had prefix years 
> back before APNIC re-allocated them. Isn't this very common? In 
> traceroute with "-A" argument we see multiple ASNs so many times 
> (since -A is based on RADB data rather than actual routing data).

Even after IPv6 becomes the dominant version of IP, I suppose people will still need small blocks of IPv4 space and so go to the transfer market. For that reason, it might be useful to document all the different actions you've needed to take to bring this new block into use for the benefit of the network operators who follow you.



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