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Hi all,

SANOG 22 Final draft program is now available. Please register quickly
to reserve your seat. SANOG 22 is back in Mumbai after almost 10
years, and is sure to be a major event.

There are a very few workshop seats left, so if you haven't registered
so far, it's time to do it now.


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SANOG Program
Conference: 5-6th August 2013

Keynote Address by : YC Kuek, Vice President for AP, ICANN

Open DNS recursive resolvers, DNS, amplification attacks, BCP38: what
are they & why should you care? - Paul Fergauson, Internet Identity
and author of BCP 38

Effective Anti-Abuse Practices - Suresh Ramasubramanian, IBM

Handling/Responding to a DDoS Attack - Devdas Bhagat, Booking.com

MPLS auto-bandwidth: overview, operational experience and lessons
learned. - Mohan Nanduri, Microsoft

Converged Transport Network - R Subramanian, Cisco Systems
Internet Measurement Tools, Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Limelight Networks

SDN and MPLS in DC - Sam Aldrin, Huawei Technologies

Segment Routing - Santanu Dasgupta, Cisco

Internet Routing Table Growth and South Asia- Philip Smith, APNIC

Regional Updates and Internet Exchange Points

Peering Personals

Tutorials: 7-8th August 2013

Network Operations

Network Infrastructure Security using BGP and Remote Triggered Black
Hole - Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Limelight Networks
BGP Multihoming best Practices - Srinath Beldona
IPv6 Planning, Deployment and transition strategies, Puravi Chetti
Monitoring Tools and Techniques - Phil Regnauld, NSRC

Network Transport

MPLS Based Metro Ethernet Networks, Paresh Khatri
Introduction to Ethernet OAM - Santanu Dasgupta
Troubleshooting MPLS - Sam Aldrin, (Huawei Technologies)
 to DWDM transport - Robert Keys, BTI


Internet Resource Management - Sunny Chendi, Vivek Nigam,
Introduction to IPv6 - Srinath Beldona

Workshop: 9-13 August 2013

IPv4/IPv6 Routing and BGP Multihoming - Srinath Beldona, Shankar
This workshop will cover advanced IPv4 /IPv6 BGP routing techniques,
multihoming, traffic engineering and BGP scaling technique.

Track 2: MPLS Introduction and Applications - Srini Irigi, Ram K. Pariyar
This workshop will introduce students to the concept of MPLS and
develop labs for deployment in various scenarios like L3VPNs,
pseudowires etc.

Track 3: DNS, DNSSec Management and Monitoring - Phil Regnauld, Alvaro
Vives, Dibya Khatiwadsa, NSRC
This workshop will introduce students to basics of DNS and DNSSec and
cover how to manage and monitor the DNS Infrastructure. This workshop
will also cover some basics of regular network management.

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