[SANOG] Monitoring ring interest?

Vinayak Hegde vinayakh at gmail.com
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On a related note. I have Ripe Atlas probes that can be plugged into your
network. I have four of them. If you are interested in installing them in
your network please send me a mail offlist with the ISP (if you are one),
AS number and the geographic location where you will setup the probe. More
information at http://atlas.ripe.net The probe is quite small and about
2-inch square. The probes are spread worldwide so the information about
connectivity and latency (among other metrics) that can be gleaned from
them is quite valuable.

You'll need to supply some electricity to the probe through its USB cable.
Any USB port capable of supplying 500mA should be fine; it could be a free
USB port on your home router, or you can use a
USB power adapter. Note that devices that go into sleep mode (monitors with
built-in USB hubs, laptops, etc.) are not good enough as they usually stop
supplying power over USB when they go into sleep mode.
The probes don't support PoE out of the box, since this would make them
much more expensive to manufacture, and very few users would benefit from

You also have to connect your probe to a physical Ethernet port. Once this
is done, the probe acquires an IP address and DNS resolver information
using DHCP and then tries to look up the controlling infrastructure using
DNS and connects to it over outgoing TCP port 443 (HTTPS) connections.
Once the probe is connected, the probe will automatically connect to the
RIPE Atlas infrastructure and begin performing pre-defined measurements.
Once we see that the probe is connected and have entered it into our
system, you'll be able to see your probe under the "My Probes" tab when
logged in to RIPE Atlas. Your probe will also begin earning credits that
you can use to perform your own user-defined measurements, which can
provide valuable information about the performance of your own network(s).


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> Would ISPs in the region be interested in a monitoring ring setup?
> See https://ring.nlnog.net/ for an example of what I'm referring to.
> Devdas Bhagat
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