[SANOG] SANOG XX Fellowship Application has been announced.

GZ Kabir gzkabir at bdcom.com
Wed May 30 12:10:05 UTC 2012

*SANOG 20 *
10-16 July, 2012, Karachi, Pakistan

The SANOG XX fellowship program has been made possible with various 
sponsors. The fellowship encourages folks from the South Asian Region to 
participate in the workshop, tutorial and Conference.

Target Audience
The SANOG Fellowship Program targets personnel from South Asian 
countries who are actively involved in Internet development, in any of 
the following roles:

- Engineers (Network Builders)
- Technology Decision Makers
- Educators and trainers

Award Package
The successful applicant will be be provided with a reasonable (local 
host standard) accommodation, and partial costs towards transportation 
to Karachi, Pakistan, through the direct route possible, and not 
exceeding USD 550 or equivalent. The final grant size is determined 
according to final costs and available funding, and is advised to 
successful applicants. It should be noted that other expenses are not 
funded by the Fellowship Program and are the responsibility of the 
successful fellow. Dinner, when not in the conference program are not 

Local Fellowship Package
Special Fellowship package for resident of Pakistan will be provided. 
This will include free registration to all SANOG events, but will not 
include transport and accommodations. The selected fellow can select 
between the two package.

Fellowship Obligation
While accepting the fellowship, the fellows will have to pay full 
registration of USD 300.00 for the workshops, tutorials and conference. 
Fellowship are only available to full participants. The fellows are also 
obliged to fill out an evaluation form after the completion of SANOG.

Criteria for Selection
The SANOG Fellowship Committee will select the fellows according to 
following criteria.

A. Membership of the Target Audience listed above
B. Residency in a South Asian Country
C. Demonstrated ability to utilize the experiences gained from SANOG
D. Willingness to return to SANOG as a presenter or trainer in future

Fellowship Application
Fellowship applications process is now electronic. Please fill out the

  Online Fellowship Application

SANOG XX Fellowship Program
Fellowship Application Opening : 23 May 2012
Fellowship Application Deadline : 20 June 2012
Fellowship Results Announcement: 25 June 2012
Fellowship Acceptance: : 30 June 2012
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