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Subject: [sig-policy] Call for Policy Proposals - APNIC 34
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 10:03:40 +1200
From: Andy Linton <asjl at lpnz.org>
To: SIG policy <sig-policy at apnic.net>

Dear Colleagues

If you believe APNIC policy could be improved, suggest a change by
submitting a policy proposal.

Policy proposals submitted before Friday 27 July 2012 will be
discussed at the APNIC 34 Policy SIG.

Submit your policy proposal now for discussion at APNIC 34.

There are two ways to submit a policy proposal:

      1. Use the online form at:

       2. Send your proposal in TEXT format to <policy at apnic.net>.
          A template is available below.

We encourage you to submit proposals well before the deadline. This
gives the community more time to consider your proposal and gives you
the opportunity to amend your proposal, if needed, based on the
community's feedback.

More information

APNIC's policy development process is explained at:


View current and past policy proposals at:


Learn more about APNIC 34 at:


We look forward to seeing you in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

APNIC Policy SIG Chairs

Andy, Skeeve, and Masato

<<<<< Policy Proposal Template >>>>>






1.  Introduction

<-- Explain your proposal in one or two sentences -->

2.  Summary of the current problem

<-- Describe the situation that this proposal is intended to address -->

3.  Situation in other RIRs

<-- If there are similar policies, in other regions,  or if you plan to
     submit this proposal in other regions, indicate them here -->

4.  Details

<-- Describe your proposal in detail -->

5.  Pros/Cons


     -  <-- What would be the main advantages if the APNIC community
            adopted this proposal? -->


     -  <-- What would be the main disadvantages if the APNIC community
            adopted this proposal? -->

6.  Effect on APNIC Members

<-- Briefly explain how you think this may affect APNIC members. For
     example, would members need to update their internal IT systems to
     meet the requirements of the policy -->

7.  Effect on NIRs

<-- Briefly explain how this proposal might affect National Internet
     Registries (NIRs) and/or their Members -->

8.  References

<-- If applicable -->
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